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The Criminal Behaviour of Young Fathers

CReAM Research by Christian Dustmann and  Rasmus Landersø, finds that  very young fathers who have their first child while they are still teenagers subsequently commit less crime if the child is a boy than if it is a girl. This  then has a spill over effect on other young men of a similar age living in the same neighbourhoods as the young father. The research was covered on the British press.

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The Telegraph

The Times



"I was quite prepared... to use the cover of the statistician's analysis": Former home secretary David Blunkett and Prof Dustmann on the 2003 report on EU accession


BBC World Service - My Perfect Country

Christian Dustmann discusses the achievements and shortcomings of Germany’s refugee integration policy on the BBC World Service Programme My Perfect Country: Germany.


British Academy

Professor Christian Dustmann has been elected Fellow of the British Academy in recognition for his academic career and public engagement.



Professor Christian Dustmann ranked within the top 3 German speaking economists on the 2017 Handelsblatt ranking.


CEPR Report

Professor Dustmann and Dr Otten are coauthors in the first report in CEPR's Monitoring International Integration series, Europe's Trust Deficit: Causes and Remedies. They analyse the roots of the decline in trust in both national and European political institutions, as reflected in the rise of populist politics. 

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VoxEU article summarising the report

Audio interview with Christian Dustmann & Barry Eichengreen



BBC News

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing recent trends in foreign-born worker flows in and out of the UK on the BBC News at One.


BBC Three Counties

Christian Dustmann on BBC Three Counties discussing the likely effects of Brexit on the UK's farming industry.


Freedom of Movement

BBC World News

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing the ongoing migration crisis and the migration challenges the G20 Summit would need to address, on BBC World News (7th July 2017).


Sky News

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing the UK Population Figures on Sky News (22nd June 2017).


News about CReAM

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European Society for Population Economics

Christian Dustmann gave a keynote presentation on the Economics of Temporary Migrations, at the 24th Annual Conference of the European Society for Population Economics (ESPE), at the University of Minho, Braga, Portugal.



Christian Dustmann joined Panel discussion “Is a cap on immigration a cap on growth?”

Christian Dustmann participated in a Panel discussion at the Liberal Democrat Party conference in Glasgow, organised by the New Statesman, to debate “Is a cap on immigration a cap on growth?”, on September 17th 2013. Fellow panellists include Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, and Adam Marshall, Director of Policy and External Affairs, British Chamber of Commerce.

News XChange conference

Christian Dustmann joins Panel to discuss “HOW TO IMPROVE MEDIA COVERAGE OF MIGRANTS, MIGRATION ISSUEs” moderated by Mark Easton (BBC) and produced by James Angus (BBC) at News XChange conference in Marrakesh, Nov. 15


European Association of Labour Economists

Christian Dustmann has been elected as the incoming President of the European Association of Labour Economists (EALE).

New CReAM Article on "Ethnic and Educational Achievement in Compulsory Schooling"

A study by CReAM researchers published in the Economic Journal documents early academic achievement gaps and subsequent catching-up processes between six main ethnic minority groups and white British-born individuals. The researchers also examine the factors that determine the relative progress of ethnic minority pupils through the compulsory curriculum. They find that improvements in their ability with the English Language is the single most important contributor to the catch-up or overtaking of ethnic minority pupils relative to white British pupils. Language accounts for up to two thirds of their relative progress. The article “Ethnic and Educational Achievement in Compulsory Schooling”, by Christian Dustmann, Stephen Machin and Uta Schönberg, is published in the August 2010 issue of the Economic Journal.
You can also view the Press Release.

New CReAM DP on Attitudes to Migration Policy

A new research paper from CReAM (Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration at UCL) investigates the factors which determine individual attitudes towards migration policy. The researchers note that immigration affects a country in many ways, from the economic effects on public spending and on the wages of workers competing with immigrants in the job market, to the cultural effects associated with changing the composition of the population. All of these factors currently figure in popular discussion and it is important to understand which has the biggest influence on generating hostility or openness to immigration policy. The paper “Immigration, Wages, and Compositional Amenities”, by David Card, Christian Dustmann and Ian Preston, is CReAM Discussion Paper No.29/09

You can also view the Press Release

New CReAM DP on Fiscal Impact of A8 Immigration

A new CReAM Discussion Paper shows that immigrants from the eight Central and Eastern European countries that joined the European Union in May 2004 are less likely to be claiming welfare benefits and to be living in social housing than people born in the UK. What is more, they have made a positive contribution to the UK fiscal system, paying more in taxes than they receive in direct or indirect public transfers. For example, in 2008/09, A8 immigrants represented 0.91% of the total UK population, but contributed 0.96% of total tax receipts and accounted for only 0.6% of total expenditures. This is the most comprehensive analysis to date of the fiscal consequences of migration to the UK following EU enlargement to take in the so-called ‘A8 countries’ – the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Poland. The paper “Assessing Fiscal Costs and Benefits of A8 Migration to the UK”, by Christian Dustmann, Tommaso Frattini and Caroline Halls, is CReAM Discussion Paper No.18/09

You can also view the Press Release, Press Review

CReAM alumni take jobs at UN and OECD

Claudia Trentini took over a post as Associate Economic Affairs Officer in the Office of the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva in spring 2009. Before that, she had been working at CReAM as a Research Officer since January 2007.

Josep Mestres works as an Economist and Policy Analyst at the International Migration Division of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development) in Paris since spring 2009. He had been working at CReAM as a Research Officer and PhD student since 2003.

Christian Dustmann nominated NORFACE Programme Director

NORFACE has nominated Christian Dustmann, Director of CReAM and Professor at UCL's Department of Economics, Programme Director of the NORFACE Research Programme "Migration in Europe - Social, Economic, Cultural and Policy Dynamics". The Programme Director will work with the projects granted funding from the programme, bringing various teams together and ensuring good communications from the various research teams.

NORFACE - New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Co-operation in Europe - is a partnership between fourteen research councils to increase co-operation in research and research policy in Europe.

NORFACE grant for CReAM

CReAM has been rewarded a grant from NORFACE for a four years research programme on migration. Jonathan Wadsworth (CReAM deputy director) and Uta Schoenberg are the Principal Investigators, and the team includes research groups from 6 countries, led by Alexandra Spitz-Oener (Humbold University Berlin), Anders Bjorklund (Stockholm University), Bernt Bratsberg (University of Oslo), Anna Piil Damm (Aarhus University), Roope Uusitalo (University of Helsinki), and Thomas Lemieux and Nicole Fortin (UCB Vancouver).

CReAM Discussion Papers

David Card's Ely Lecture to the 2009 AEA meetings is available
as CReAM DP 07/09.

CReAM Seminars

Information on CReAM Seminars.


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Immigration: Impacts, Integration and Intergenerational Issues
University College London (UCL), 29 to 31 March 2006
To view photos from the conference please click here