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BBC News

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing recent trends in foreign-born worker flows in and out of the UK on the BBC News at One.


The Conversation

Ian Preston on a podcast from The Conversation, on the referendum on Britain's EU membership (8th June 2016)


Channel 4 FactCheck

Channel 4 FactCheck quoting Dustmann, Frattini and Preston's 'The Effect of Immigration Along the Distribution of Wages' and Dustmann and Frattini's 'The Fiscal Effects of Immigration to the UK' on 'FactCheck: everything you need to know about EU immigration' (27th May 2016)


Freedom of Movement

BBC News - Talking Business

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing the future of freedom of movement on the BBC News Talking Business panel (1st October 2016).


BBC World News Talking Business

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing the future of freedom of movement on the BBC News Talking Business panel (30th September 2016). 


Migration Flows

Swiss Radio

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing refugee migration in the EU on Swiss Radio (10th October 2016)



Professor Christian Dustmann's interview on EU refugee migration on SFR (10th October 2016)



TGR Rai following CReAM's 3rd Workshop on Topics in Labor Economics and Professor Christian Dustmann and keynote speaker Professor Henry Farber addressing immigration (3rd September 2016)


External Research Fellow

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Daniele Paserman

Daniele Paserman received his B.A. in economics and statistics from the Hebrew University in 1993, and his Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University in 2000. He is currently a Professor of Economics at Boston University, a Research Affiliate of CEPR, and a Research Fellow at IZA and CReAM. His research on immigration looks at how the initial environment affects the educational and labor market outcomes of immigrants, both in the short and in the long run; how immigrants affect the human capital accumulation of native workers; how immigration affects the labor market outcomes of native workers, recognizing that the effect need not be uniform over time; and how highly skilled immigrants affect the productivity and investment behavior of firms. Most of this research draws inspiration from the large migration wave experienced by Israel since the fall of the Berlin Wall from the Soviet Union and other Eastern bloc countries. From this episode it is possible to draw important insights on the assimilation of migrants, on their impact on the host economy, and on other issues that are of central importance in economics and the social sciences, even outside of the Israeli context. Other lines of research include behavioral models of search in the labor and marriage markets, and a project on the dynamics of violence in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which attempts to use these dynamics to understand the strategies of militant groups and of the central government that is fighting against them.

Daniele Paserman joined CReAM as an external fellow in February 2007.