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BBC News

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing recent trends in foreign-born worker flows in and out of the UK on the BBC News at One.


The Conversation

Ian Preston on a podcast from The Conversation, on the referendum on Britain's EU membership (8th June 2016)


Channel 4 FactCheck

Channel 4 FactCheck quoting Dustmann, Frattini and Preston's 'The Effect of Immigration Along the Distribution of Wages' and Dustmann and Frattini's 'The Fiscal Effects of Immigration to the UK' on 'FactCheck: everything you need to know about EU immigration' (27th May 2016)


Freedom of Movement

BBC News - Talking Business

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing the future of freedom of movement on the BBC News Talking Business panel (1st October 2016).


BBC World News Talking Business

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing the future of freedom of movement on the BBC News Talking Business panel (30th September 2016). 


Migration Flows

Swiss Radio

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing refugee migration in the EU on Swiss Radio (10th October 2016)



Professor Christian Dustmann's interview on EU refugee migration on SFR (10th October 2016)



TGR Rai following CReAM's 3rd Workshop on Topics in Labor Economics and Professor Christian Dustmann and keynote speaker Professor Henry Farber addressing immigration (3rd September 2016)


Discussion Paper Series

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Discussion Papers 2011






December 2011 24/11 Ilhom Abdulloev, Ira N. Gang and John Landon-Lane Migration as a Substitute for Informal Activities: Evidence from Tajikistan Abstract
December 2011 23/11 Abdurrahman Aydemir and Murat G. Kirdar Quasi-Experimental Impact Estimates of Immigrant Labor Supply Shocks: The Role of Treatment and Comparison Group Matching and Relative Skill Composition Abstract
December 2011 22/11 Christian Dustmann and Tommaso Frattini Immigration: The European Experience Abstract
November 2011 21/11 Christian Dustmann and Ian Preston Estimating the Effect of Immigration on Wages Abstract
November 2011 20/11 Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Mathias Sinning and Steven Stillman Migrant Youths' Educational Achievement: The Role of Institutions Abstract
October 2011 19/11 Frédéric Docquier, Hillel Rapoport and Sara Salomone Remittances, Migrants’ Education and Immigration Policy: Theory and Evidence from Bilateral Data Abstract
September 2011 18/11 Christian Dustmann and Albrecht Glitz How Do Industries and Firms Respond to Changes in Local Labor Supply? Abstract
September 2011 17/11 Lídia Farré and Francesco Fasani Media Exposure and Internal Migration - Evidence from Indonesia Abstract
July 2011 16/11 Christian Dustmann, Tommaso Frattini and Gianandrea Lanzara Educational Achievement of Second Generation Immigrants: An International Comparison Abstract
June 2011 15/11 Vianney Dequiedt and Yves Zenou International Migration, Imperfect Information and Brain Drain Abstract
June 2011 14/11 Christian Dustmann, Albrecht Glitz, and Uta Schönberg Referral-based Job Search Networks Abstract
June 2011 13/11 Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga and Hillel Rapoport Tradable Immigration Quotas Abstract
May 2011 12/11 Suzan van der Pas and Jacques Poot Migration Paradigm Shifts and Transformation of Migrant Communities: The Case of Dutch Kiwis Abstract
May 2011 11/11 John Gibson and David McKenzie Eight Questions about Brain Drain Abstract
May 2011 10/11 David C Maré, Richard Fabling and Steven Stillman Immigration and Innovation Abstract
April 2011 09/11 Gil S. Epstein and Alessandra Venturini The Impact of Worker Effort on Public Sentiment Towards Temporary Migrants Abstract
April 2011 08/11 Frédéric Docquier and Hillel Rapoport Globalization, brain drain and development Abstract
March 2011 07/11 Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Susan Pozo Remittances and Income Smoothing Abstract
March 2011 06/11 Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Cynthia Bansak The Impact of Amnesty on Labor Market Outcomes: A Panel Study Using the Legalized Population Survey Abstract
February 2011 05/11 Christian Dustmann and Albrecht Glitz Migration and Education Abstract
January 2011 04/11 Rob Hodgson and Jacques Poot New Zealand Research on the Economic Impacts of Immigration 2005-2010: Synthesis and Research Agenda Abstract
January 2011 03/11 Alberto Bisin, Eleonora Patacchini, Thierry Verdier, and Yves Zenou Ethnic Identity and Labor-Market Outcomes of Immigrants in Europe Abstract
January 2011 02/11 Frédéric Docquier, Elisabetta Lodigiani, Hillel Rapoport and Maurice Schiff Emigration and democracy Abstract
January 2011 01/11 Larry L. Howard and Nishith Prakash Do School Lunch Subsidies Change the Dietary Patterns of Children from Low- Income Households? Abstract