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BBC News

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing recent trends in foreign-born worker flows in and out of the UK on the BBC News at One.


The Conversation

Ian Preston on a podcast from The Conversation, on the referendum on Britain's EU membership (8th June 2016)


Channel 4 FactCheck

Channel 4 FactCheck quoting Dustmann, Frattini and Preston's 'The Effect of Immigration Along the Distribution of Wages' and Dustmann and Frattini's 'The Fiscal Effects of Immigration to the UK' on 'FactCheck: everything you need to know about EU immigration' (27th May 2016)


Freedom of Movement

BBC News - Talking Business

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing the future of freedom of movement on the BBC News Talking Business panel (1st October 2016).


BBC World News Talking Business

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing the future of freedom of movement on the BBC News Talking Business panel (30th September 2016). 


Migration Flows

Swiss Radio

Professor Christian Dustmann discussing refugee migration in the EU on Swiss Radio (10th October 2016)



Professor Christian Dustmann's interview on EU refugee migration on SFR (10th October 2016)



TGR Rai following CReAM's 3rd Workshop on Topics in Labor Economics and Professor Christian Dustmann and keynote speaker Professor Henry Farber addressing immigration (3rd September 2016)


Discussion Paper Series

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Discussion Papers 2016






December 2016 30/16 José-Ignacio Antón, René Böheim and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer The effects of international migration on native workers’ unionisation in Austria Abstract
December 2016 29/16 Simone Cremaschi and Carlo Devillanova Immigrants and Legal Status: Do Personal Contacts Matter? Abstract
November 2016 28/16 Pierre Brochu, Till Gross and Christopher Worswick Temporary Foreign Workers and Firms: Theory and Canadian Evidence Abstract
November 2016 27/16 Julia Bredtmann, Fernanda Martínez Flores, and Sebastian Otten Remittances and the Brain Drain: Evidence from Microdata for Sub-Saharan Africa Abstract
October 2016 26/16 Christian Dustmann, Uta Schönberg, and Jan Stuhler The Impact of Immigration: Why Do Studies Reach Such Different Results? Abstract
October 2016 25/16 Paolo Pinotti Clicking on Heaven's Door: The E ffect of Immigrant Legalization on Crime Abstract
October 2016 24/16 Costanza Biavaschi, Michal Burzynski, Benjamin Elsner and Joël Machado The Gain from the Drain - Skill-biased Migration and Global Welfare Abstract
September 2016 23/16 Marco Alfano, Christian Dustmann and Tommaso Frattini Immigration and the UK: Reflections After Brexit Abstract
September 2016 22/16 Volker Grossmann, Andreas Schäfer, Thomas Steger and Benjamin Fuchs Reversal of Migration Flows: A Fresh Look at the German Reunification Abstract
September 2016 21/16 Francesco Fasani Immigrant Crime and Legal Status: Evidence from Repeated Amnesty Programs Abstract
August 2016 20/16 Govert E. Bijwaard and Christian Schluter Interdependent Hazards, Local Interactions, and the Return Decision of Recent Migrants Abstract
August 2016 19/16 Christian Dustmann, Kristine Vasiljeva and Anna Piil Damm Refugee Migration and Electoral Outcomes Abstract
August 2016 18/16 Casey Warman and Christopher Worswick Immigrant Category of Admission of the Parents and Outcomes of the Children: How far does the Apple Fall? Abstract
August 2016 17/16 Christian Dustmann, Uta Schӧnberg and Jan Stuhler Labor Supply Shocks, Native Wages, and the Adjustment of Local Employment Abstract
August 2016 16/16 Christian Dustmann, Francesco Fasani, Tommaso Frattini, Luigi Minale and Uta Schӧnberg On the Economics and Politics of Refugee Migration Abstract
July 2016 15/16 Wouter Zwysen and Simonetta Longhi Employment and Earning Gaps in the Early Career of Ethnic Minority British Graduates: the Importance of University Choice, Parental Background and Area Characteristics Abstract
July 2016 14/16 John Gibson, David McKenzie, Halahingano Rohorua and Steven Stillman The Long-Term Impact of International Migration on Economic Decision-Making: Evidence from a Migration Lottery and Lab-in-the-Field Experiments Abstract
July 2016 13/16 Asadul Islam, Steven Stillman and Christopher Worswick Can Immigrants Insure against Shocks as well as the Native-born? Abstract
July 2016 12/16 Ira N. Gang, Kseniia Gatskova, John Landon-Lane and Myeong-Su Yun Vulnerability to Poverty: Tajikistan During and After the Global Financial Crisis Abstract
May 2016 11/16 Xavier D’Haultfoeuille and Roland Rathelot Measuring Segregation on Small Units: A Partial Identification Analysis Abstract
May 2016 10/16 Romain Aeberhardt, Elise Coudin and Roland Rathelot The heterogeneity of ethnic employment gaps Abstract
May 2016 09/16 Christian Dustmann and Joseph-Simon Görlach Estimating Immigrant Earnings Profiles when Migrations are Temporary Abstract
April 2016 08/16 Pedro Carneiro, Sokbae Lee and Hugo Reis Please Call Me John: Name Choice and the Assimilation of Immigrants in the United States, 1900-1930 Abstract
April 2016 07/16 Matthew Roskruge, Jacques Poot and Laura King Social capital, entrepreneurship and living standards: differences between immigrants and the native born Abstract
March 2016 06/16 Laura Ansala, Ulla Hämäläinen and Matti Sarvimäki Slipping through the Cracks of a Welfare State: Children of Immigrants in Finland Abstract
March 2016 05/16 Ken Clark, Stephen Drinkwater and Catherine Robinson Self-Employment Amongst Migrant Groups in England and Wales: New Evidence from Census Microdata Abstract
February 2016 04/16 Gil S. Epstein and Odelia Heizler (Cohen) Networks in the Diaspora Abstract
February 2016 03/16 Yassine Khoudja and Lucinda Platt Labour market entries and exits of women from different origin countries in the UK Abstract
February 2016 02/16 Bernt Bratsberg, Oddbjørn Raaum and Knut Røed Job Loss and Immigrant Labor Market Performance Abstract
January 2016 01/16 Nicola Mastrorocco and Luigi Minale Information and Crime Perceptions: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Abstract